Cable Assemblies

Military Custom Made Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

MetaliCom Cable Assembly has vast proven experience for two decades Prototype & Mass Production Copper and Fiber Optic Custom Made cables to meet Military harsh environmental requirements as per MIL-STD 810. 

These cables can withstand:

  • Extreme High & Low Temperature Cycling for Thermal Shocks
  • Altitude
  • Fungus
  • Sealing and Leakage
  • Rundom Vibrations in 3 axis
  • Mechanical Shocks
  • Gun Fire Shocks
  • Drop & Transportation Tests.
cords in a metal box.

Our cables are assembles in either Crimp, Solder, IDC and Press Technologies to meet the application requirements..

Flat Cables, Round Cables, Camera Link Cables, Twin-Axial Cables, RF Cables.

Outdoor Military Custom Made Sealed Cables for Harsh Environments. 

  • Military Tactical Custom Made Cables using 38999 various series.
  • Camera Data Link Cables
  • Passive and Active (AOC) Fiber Optic Cables.
  • Medical cables.
  • IP67 Category 5,5E, 6, & CAT 7 Cables.
  • RGB Monitor Cables.
  • SCAI I, II & III Cables.
  • Computer & Data Cables.
  • Flat Cables.
  • RF Cables.
  • Audio/Video Cables.
  • AC Power Cables.